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Learn a little more about Jeff and his passion for photography

A Unique Prospective and Approach

I love capturing what classic photography calls the decisive moment.  Even with portraiture I work to create authentic moments, capturing the true emotion of the moment and my subject.  I put myself inside an environment, drawing myself into the atmosphere of the event. This approach creates both visually pleasing and meaningful pictures.

From a Young Age


Photography has been in my blood since I was a child.  My grandfather owned a camera store in Newark, NJ. I started to develop my “eye” with instamatic cameras, composing images to match my unique perspective, whether used-car lots, mailboxes or friends on the little league field.  In my teens I shot for school yearbooks, mixed chemicals for my darkroom and enjoyed documenting my life and environs. At the University of Wisconsin I studied Photojournalism, shooting NCAA sports, news and environmental portraiture.

Grandpa Bill Camera Store - 2014-04-27 a

Inspiration from the Masters


Post graduation I worked for a Photography Studio in New York City, managing fashion and still-life shoots.  Reading the tea-leaves of the photo business, I spent 7 years managing sales and operations for a leading stock photography agency, culminating with its sale to Bill Gates.  I found inspiration immersing myself in the technical, commercial and art of hundreds of millions of photographs across all genres.


I had the honor of working at Time Inc., immersed in one of the most famous collections of photography in the world, the LIFE picture collection.  I worked passionately to maintain and increase the public’s access to the works of LIFE’s groundbreaking staff of photographers.

Through the Lens

With an eye that gravitates towards visual beauty, my wife Jennifer has always been my muse.  From our first years together, to the birth of our sons, Nathan and Noah, I highly doubt there is a life as photographed as my own.  My digital archive spans over two decades of shooting nature, street photography, milestones, family events and the world around me.

Life in Colorado


Born in New Jersey, I lived in New York City for 23-years until our move to Boulder, CO in 2014.  I enjoy an active lifestyle, am recharged by nature, and love the community around me.


More about my professional life - LINKEDIN

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